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This easy Blackened Steak is made with a delicious combination of steak, blackening seasoning, butter, and lime zest. Then it is cooked to perfection for a restaurant-style meal at home. Jump to Recipe

This Four Ingredient Blackened Steak is coated in a flavorful combination of herbs and spices, then seared to perfection in a piping hot skillet. This mouthwatering dish comes together in under 20 minutes and makes the ultimate main course for any occasion. The leftovers also make delicious tacos, salads, and sandwiches.

Picture this: Tender and juicy on the inside, with a crispy and flavorful crust on the outside. This Blackened Steak recipe is what dreams are made of. It’s super easy to make, bursting with incredible flavor, and pairs brilliantly with just about any side dish you could think of.

If you’re looking to take your steak game to the next level, this recipe is the perfect way to do it. Not only is this dish absolutely delicious, but it’s basically fool-proof, making it great for home cooks and kitchen novices alike. After searing the steak for just a few minutes on each side, you simply pop it into the oven to allow the meat to finish cooking to your preference. It really doesn’t get much easier than this.

I have served this dish as the star of the show at dinner parties, barbecues, and family meals, and have always received rave reviews all around. You can slice it up and serve it atop a delicious salad, use it as the protein source for an upgraded taco night, or pair it with a few of your favorite side dishes for an unforgettable meal. No matter how you choose to serve your Blackened Steak, I guarantee you’re going to love it.

Key Ingredients and Easy Swaps

To make this sizzling dish, you only need a few key ingredients:

  • Beef tenderloin: You can use any cut of beef you like (ribeye, New York strip, flank steak, skirt steak, etc.), but I like to keep this dish a bit lighter by using a lean cut like the tenderloin.
  • Blackening seasoning: This can be found in the spice aisle at most grocery stores, but you can also make your own from scratch if you prefer.
  • Butter: A fat source like butter is essential to yielding the most flavor and getting that glorious crispy crust on the outside of our steak. You could also swap in ghee or oil.

What Does “Blackened” Mean?

Blackening is a cooking method that involves coating a food with blackened seasoning, then searing it over high heat to form a crispy and flavorful crust on the outside. This method is typically used on vegetables and meats like chicken, seafood, and steak. It’s a quick and easy way of yielding a ton of flavor.

You may be wondering, okay, but what is blackened seasoning made of? I get it. The name is a bit elusive, since it refers to the cooking method and not what’s actually in it. Blackened seasoning is a combination of spices and herbs that you can either make yourself (provided you have a fully stocked spice cabinet) or buy at the store. While it can vary slightly from recipe to recipe, blackened seasoning typically contains salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, oregano, and basil.

Here are some more delicious recipes with blackening seasoning:

What to Serve With Blackened Steak

You can serve Blackened Steak with just about anything you like, but I tend to lean towards cold salads, cooked veggies, and potato dishes. During the summertime, there’s nothing like a sizzling hot steak and a refreshingly cold salad. If you’re having trouble coming up with pairing ideas, here are some of my favorite side dishes to serve with steak:

How to Store Cooked Steak

While I can’t say we wind up with leftover steak in my house very often (if only), the rare occasions that we cook too much make for some incredible next-day eats. There are lots of ways to enjoy leftover steak; like serving it alongside your scrambled or fried eggs for a ‘steak and eggs’ breakfast, slicing it up and tossing it into a steak taco salad for lunch, or even whipping up some quick and easy steak quesadillas for dinner.

To store your blackened steak (or any cooked steak!), simply allow it to cool to room temperature and then transfer it into an airtight storage bag or tightly wrap it in aluminum foil. Once it’s been properly secured, you can safely store leftover steak in one of two ways:

  • In the fridge for up to 3-4 days.
  • In the freezer for up to 3 months.

Sliced blackened steak with jalapenos, flour tortillas, and shredded cheese on the side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this amazing steak dish:

Is blackened seasoning the same as Cajun?

While blackened seasoning and Cajun seasoning blends combine many of the same herbs and spices, they are not the same. Both can be used to blacken meats, but Cajun seasoning is known to be spicier.

How do you blacken steak?

Blackening a steak is far more simple than many people realize. All it takes is a combination of seasoning, fat, and heat. First, you need to coat your steak thoroughly in blackened seasoning. Next, you need to apply a fat source (like butter or oil) to a piping hot skillet. Finally, you sear that bad boy to blackened perfection. Piece of cake!

Can you freeze cooked steak?

Absolutely. Cooked meats like steak store really well in the freezer, so long as they are securely stored in an airtight freezer-safe storage bag. When steak isn’t properly stored, it can develop freezer burn which causes the meat to dry out and lose its flavor. As long as your cooked steak is stored well, it will stay fresh in the freezer for up to 3 months.

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