Energy Bar with Excellent Texture and Natural Flavor

What are Mother Earth Wellbeing Bars? Its ingredients and nutrition facts

Wellbeing Dark Chocolate & Blood Orange Bar is a 40 g oat-based energy bar with 772 kj or 184 calories. It delivers 3.5 g of protein, 10.3 g of fats, and 16.2 g of carbohydrates, of which 6.2 g are from sugar. A key marketing highlight is the 3.8 mg of vitamin E, which is 38% of the recommended daily intake.

Source: company website

The bar has a lot of ingredients for a product attempting to craft a natural brand look and feel (here’s a bar with just two ingredients). The list isn’t too horrible, but there are quite a few food additives.

You might be disappointed if you use Wellbeing Bars as a health bar and want as few artificial ingredients as possible. However, if they’re a part of your fueling plan, those same additives play a role in binding all the ingredients and create a moist texture. When runners consume an energy bar on the move, we want it to hold form and not crumble. Additionally, the bar can’t be too dry since we don’t always have a fluid chaser.

Source: company website

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