From Veggie to Vegan for 48 hours – Ellen’s story

Posted on: Jan 13, 2022

We have a set another challenge for ‘team’ Creative Nature, to become vegan for 48 hours during Veganuary. Ellen, is our first team member to take up the challenge.

I know some of you out there will be wondering what the big difference is between a vegetarian and a vegan – neither eat meat, right?

That’s true, vegetarians don’t eat either meat or fish, but they can eat dairy and eggs.  Vegans don’t eat any food derived from animals or animal products.  So, to change from veggie to vegan for 48 hours, will mean quite a change of lifestyle for some people.

Ellen’s forty-eight hours:

I already follow a vegetarian slash pescatarian diet. That means I don’t eat meat, but will eat some fish.  So to follow a vegan diet for forty-eight hours wasn’t going to be a huge change for me and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

This does require some planning when you are shopping, particularly when you are starting out and you may wish to buy one or two ‘vegan’ recipe books to help you plan a week’s worth of meals. One easy thing to do, of course, is to order a bunch of snacks from us at Creative Nature as they are all vegan-friendly. Take a look here.

Or if you are not a planner, you may want to purchase your food on a daily basis and decide as you go. Like anything you will get used to quickly choosing your vegan options as time goes by – and in my case, I knew that it’s nothing like having to plan as our CEO Julianne has to plan.

Many vegan options for snacks or ready meals are very easily identified and it’s much easier to trust the labels that this truly is a vegan option. Sadly for many with allergies or intolerances that’s still not the case and you have to spend time scrutinising labels in the ‘free from’ sections of shops and supermarkets.

Therefore I embarked on this small challenge knowing that whatever choices I made, I was not faced with the kind of choices those with food allergies face on a daily basis – or their loved ones. Many many allergy sufferers are children and that number is growing globally.

Here’s a summary of what I ate over a 48 hour period:

Day One:

My first meal was lunch (sorry, I often skip breakfast) which was tomato and basil soup accompanied by a bagel with diary-free spread – this was delicious and filled me up.

For dinner I had a vegan mushroom stroganoff which I made myself having purchased the ingredients, followed by a slice of Creative Nature’s Chocolate Cake for dessert – again

 I really enjoyed this and would have it again. Our chocolate cake is delightfully rich so there was a slice or two for the next day (if no one else steals it from my household!). You can find the chocolate cake mix here.

Day Two:

This started with a brunch of roasted pear porridge, with and oat-milk iced latte – surprisingly filling actually.
For dinner I had couscous salad with vegan sausages – an easy and quick meal to prepare when you are a busy professional. You can also add in other ingredients here easily if you wish.

All the food I had was absolutely delicious, especially the porridge – it was so good!

I find that being vegan now, there are so many alternatives, that you don’t have to eat just a bowl  of salad all the time or dish up a cabbage for dinner, which is what many people expect. 

There are so many options, and I definitely recommend trying a vegan diet for at least 48 hours or even longer.

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