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Posted on: Dec 27, 2021

Looking back at Creative Nature’s year in 2021, it has been a busy, positive year of steady growth. We have been very lucky and our team has worked hard to keep us on track. We thought this was a perfect time to draw out 12 highlights for us!

  1. Brexit arrived, and we managed to embrace everything that went with it, including having to make changes to our labelling, and also find some new outlets due to losing our European online customers. However, despite many companies finding it hard, alongside the additional problems thrown up by the pandemic, we actually saw an increase in sales over this last year.
  1. During the lockdowns and restrictions, we have still managed to move forward with our business. We have had a lot of successful online sales, and our social media presence has grown, with many positive posts by our followers.
  1. Our team has grown during this last year and now we have a team of eight, plus Matt and Julianne.
  1. When we came out of lockdown, Julianne challenged each of us to live a day in the life of someone with an allergy. It was far harder than any of us had realised. We all found it quite challenging, knowing that we could only eat the foods that someone with allergies would be able to eat – foods free from allergens.  Few of us had really understood how hard this can be when you are out and about working, or just living your everyday life. It was a salutary lesson.
  1. This year, Gnawbles Share Bags have been launched into Morrisons supermarkets, yeah!
  1. In July, Creative Nature was one of four companies to appear on a BBC Panorama documentary, “Brexit Six Months On”. The film crew followed Matt and Julianne around for six months. Creative Nature were the youngest business to be involved in the film and we had to keep it a secret for months!
  1. In August we celebrated our business birthday –  9 years,  which is a huge achievement.
  1. Natasha’s Law came into effect in October – a campaign we have supported and it’s a forward step and a wonderful legacy from Natasha’s family.  We also support Owen’s Law which is a campaign also fighting for government to improve food labelling even more. You can find out more about it here.
  1. One of the most exciting pieces of news this year, is that Creative Nature Superfoods, Bursting Berry Blend Bar is now available on Virgin Atlantic flights from UK destinations. This is a huge triumph, especially when air travel is something that has caused Julianne problems in the past. Knowing that one of our products is available to passengers is wonderful.
  1. Another exciting event is that Creative Nature’s, Christmas bundle was included in the Independent’s, “9 best vegan Christmas Hampers for plant-based gifts”, take a look.
  1. At the latter end of this year, Julianne has been named Entrepreneurial Businesswoman of the Year in The Great British Business Woman Awards, alongside being invited to be a judge for the Free From Awards 2021 (where we won an award last year). Creative Nature has been shortlisted for the IoD London Awards in the SME category.
  1. Our fantastic year has ended with the Wedding of the Year – in Creative Nature terms, as Julianne and Matt tied the knot overseas in October. Photographs will be shared in due course!

Thank you for following us in our journey this year. Next year we’ll be ten! We all wish you a very Happy New Year!

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