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Instead of reaching for a store-bought ranch packet, make your own ranch seasoning at home using spices you already have in your pantry! This easy-to-make mix makes the best ranch dressing or dip and also will quickly become one of your favorite seasoning blends for roasted vegetables, potatoes, chicken, and more.

Lately, I have been really excited about creating my own dry rub and spice mixtures, like my favorite homemade taco seasoning recipe. Not only are these homemade seasoning blends better for you since they are free from added chemicals and preservatives, but they also let you control the flavor. You can make your ranch as herbal, garlicky, or oniony as you like.

The other thing I love about this homemade ranch powder is that it is so versatile. While you may only be thinking about making ranch dressing or dip, this ranch mix is delicious on so many things. Lately, I have been using it for roasted potatoes, baked chicken, taco soup (trust me!), and even with this slow cooker drip beef instead of the Italian seasoning.

Ingredients for ranch seasoning with buttermilk powder, dried herbs, onion powder, garlic powder, and pepper on a wooden plate.

What spices do you need for ranch seasoning?

  • Buttermilk powder: To get an authentic ranch flavor, you need buttermilk. This is the dried version, usually found in the baking aisle near the evaporated or condensed milk. If you want to leave it out, you can, just know that it won’t have the same creamy tang. You can also wap in liquid buttermilk if making dressing or dip. Powdered milk can work in a pinch, but you will want to add some dehydrated lemon zest.
  • Garlic powder: Both garlic powder and dehydrated garlic will work. This is an essential component of any good ranch seasoning.
  • Onion powder: Classic ranch always has a bit of onion flavor. Onion powder, onion granules, and dehydrated onion flakes all will work.
  • Dried dill: One of the most prominent flavors in ranch is the dill. Look for the dried dill that still resembles the herb versus dill powder.
  • Dried parsley: This is the other essential herb in ranch. Look for the dried leaves versus the ground powder.
  • Dried chives: Another essential herb in classic ranch dressings and seasoning. If you don’t have dill, you could swap in some extra garlic and onion powder.
  • Kosher salt and black pepper: To really bring out the flavors in the seasoning mix, you will need some kosher or sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

How to make homemade ranch dressing?

To make homemade ranch dressing at home, combine two tablespoons of ranch seasoning mix with 2/3 cup mayonnaise or Greek yogurt with 1/2-2/3 cup milk of choice to think out the dressing.

For a thicker dressing or dip to pair with fresh veggies or chips, use 1 cup mayonnaise, sour cream, or plain Greek yogurt combined with 2-3 tablespoons of ranch seasoning to taste. 

Ways to Use Ranch Seasoning

There is almost no limit to the ways you can use this ranch seasoning! Try it on roasted vegetables, baked fries, stirred into soups and chilis, added to burgers, or use it as a quick rub for proteins. If you love ranch, you will soon be adding this easy seasoning blend to so much more than salad dressing. 

Recipe Ideas and Tips

  • Make a spicy ranch mix by adding some dehydrated jalapenos or red pepper flakes to the mixture.
  • Make sure to use kosher salt or fine sea salt for the best results. Freshly ground pepper will also enhance the flavor.
  • Always shake the ranch seasoning before using it to make sure it is well combined.
  • If you don’t like larger, dried herbs in your ranch mix, you can pulse it a few times in a food processor to create a ranch powder.
  • When making ranch dip or dressing, always make it a few hours in advance so the flavors have time to combine.


This homemade ranch seasoning blend will last up to one year in an airtight, dry container or glass jar as long as you start with fresh herbs and spices. If the dried spices are older they won’t stay as flavorful or fresh for as long. This mixture doesn’t need to be stored in the freezer.

Ranch spice mix on a wooden plate with buttermilk powder, garlic powder, onion powder, and dried herbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is buttermilk powder? Is there a substitute?

Buttermilk powder is dehydrated buttermilk. It is naturally low in fat and adds the creamy tang that is often found in ranch dressing. If you don’t have buttermilk powder, you can still make the ranch seasoning but it won’t have that classic buttermilk flavor.  If making dressing or dip, you can add liquid buttermilk if you have it or add some lemon juice to your dressing/dip to add some tang.

Are ranch dip and ranch dressing the same?

Normally ranch dip is significantly thicker than ranch dressing. Ranch dressing has milk (or buttermilk) to thin it out and make it pourable. Ranch dip usually just has Greek yogurt, sour cream, mayonnaise, or a combination so that it is thicker. 

How much homemade ranch seasoning replaces one packet of Hidden Valley ranch?

To replace a packet of store-bought ranch seasoning mix, use 2-3 tablespoons of this homemade mix in any recipe depending on how much ranch flavor you want. 

Can this be made with fresh herbs?

Since this recipe is meant to replace dry ranch seasoning mix, it doesn’t work well with fresh herbs unless you plan on drying them first. If you are making homemade ranch dressing or dip, you can swap in some fresh herbs to enhance the flavor. 

Jar of homemade ranch seasoning with a wooden spoon and dried herbs.

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