New Year’s Special! 25% OFF Meal Plans

Meal planning and healthy eating doesn’t have to be so hard. Let us help make mealtime less stressful with our easy, delicious, customizable meal plans.

What if healthy eating could be easy? Stop dreading meal planning and let us do the work for you. We plan. You cook. It’s easy.

We know that eating healthy, weight loss, and the weekly scramble of grocery shopping and getting dinner on the table every night is hard. All too often when we don’t have a plan in place, we end up reaching for processed foods, take-out or eating plain chicken breast for the fourth time in one week.

This not only leads to dinner-time stress, but it can also add to unwanted pounds and sometimes feelings of guilt that we aren’t feeding our families (and ourselves!) with healthy food we feel food about. This is only amplified when life gets busy. We get stressed and we don’t make healthy eating a priority. One week of unhealthy eating turns into one month and five pounds turns to twenty-five before we know it.

Lets’ be honest – this past year was a doozy. With everything going on in our lives, focusing on our health (both mental and physical) can be tough to prioritize. That’s why we want to help.

Our weekly meal plans can take the stress out of getting dinner on the table. Each week is packed with:

  • Healthy and family tested recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Easy and affordable recipes that taste amazing and use ingredients that you can find in your local market
  • Weekly ideas for meal prep and shortcuts
  • Meals that work for your whole family but also are healthy and WW® friendly
  • Meals you will want to eat – our members constantly tell us that meal plan meals become family favorites

Smoothies, nuggets, quinoa bowls, chicken brocoli stir fry, and pasta

Additionally, we strive to make meal planning help as easy and affordable as possible. Slender Kitchen meal plans:

  • Cost less than $1 per week when you sign up for a yearly plan.
  • Can be adjusted to work for any family size. The recipes and shopping lists adjust automatically.
  • Include nutritional info and a link to retrieve your WW® PersonalPoints™ if using. 
  • Include re-purposed leftovers so you aren’t cooking every meal from scratch
  • Reduce weekly food costs and food waste! Shopping with a list saves money.
  • Make it easy to swap recipes and add your favorites! Customize the weekly meal plan in minutes.

We truly believe that meal planning can be the thing that changes mealtime stress, weight loss, and healthy living for you. We have seen this happen for countless members who are finally enjoying mealtime again, eating healthier, and losing weight.

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