Nutrient-Packed but Just a Bit Too Dry

What is Myprotein Protein Brownie? Its ingredients and nutrition facts


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Myprotein Protein Brownie is a 75 g protein bar with 287 calories and 23 g of protein. It also has the other two macro-nutrients covered, packing in 9.7 g of fats and 27 g of carbohydrates, of which 4 g are from sugar.

Both its protein and carbohydrate content are on the high end compared with similar products in the market.

The primary protein sources are milk protein, oat flour, and soy protein, and the bar also contains the protein-building block glutamine in peptide form.


Source: company webside


Looking at the ingredient list, it’s evident that Myprotein Protein Brownie is not a natural or whole food-based protein bar. Several food additives and flavorings, such as glycerine and soy lecithin, are included, which is common for this type of sports nutrition snack. The inclusion of palm oil is not ideal since the agricultural practices for producing it are devastating to the environment.

While milk and soy proteins are complete proteins, they are typically lower in cost than other popular protein ingredients like whey, pea, or casein. I’m just pointing it out. It doesn’t necessarily mean milk and soy proteins are inferior.

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