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This Raspberry Chia Smoothie made with frozen berries, banana, chia seeds, flax seeds, and almond butter is a nutrient-packed smoothie that is sweet, creamy, and refreshing. Jump to Recipe


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Looking to up your intake of antioxidants? Take a look at this breakfast smoothie recipe! This raspberry chia smoothie is really high in fiber and an excellent source of protein too. It’s a fantastic dairy-free treat to help you start the day- the right way!

I love smoothies any time of day, but on particularly hot days, they just hit differently. An ice-cold smoothie will refresh and rehydrate you while also giving your body the fiber, protein, and nutrients it needs to power through your day.

Yes, all of that can come from a healthy smoothie!

Now, there are all sorts of ways to make smoothies ranging from the types of fruits you add to what kind of liquid you use.

During those seasonal months, I find myself leaning towards smoothies flavored like apple pie while in the summer months, I have this recipe for piña colada oatmeal smoothie. When I am craving something on the sweet, I tend to reach for berries.

Raspberries specifically are really high in antioxidants, and basically, help your body fight free radicals that will damage your cells. I’m sure you can use your favorite types of berries in this recipe, but I just love both the taste and color of raspberries – especially with the nutty chia seeds!

Ingredients for a raspberry smoothie including chia seeds, frozen raspberries, banana, almond milk, almond butter, and flax seeds.

Ingredients For Raspberry Chia Smoothie

There are only a small amount of whole ingredients in this nutrient-dense smoothie. Here’s a bit more information about what I used:

  • Raspberries: I used frozen raspberries because it gives the smoothie the perfect consistency.
  • Banana: Bananas are amazing in smoothies! They give it a creamy texture without altering the taste much. Always use really ripe bananas because they blend the best.
  • Chia Seeds: The chia seeds help the smoothie to have a smoother texture. They are also really high in fiber, healthy fats, and protein.
  • Flax Seeds: These are fantastic for your brain and heart health. Flax seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and are known to help lower bad cholesterol levels too.
  • Almond Butter: This nut butter gives the smoothie even more protein! Use unsweetened, smooth almond butter for the best taste.
  • Almond Milk: Try to use unsweetened almond milk. For the best taste, use vanilla-flavored almond milk.

What To Serve With Berry Smoothies

This smoothie is so filling that you probably won’t want to eat much with it. I suggest grabbing something really light and high in protein, like protein banana pancakes. You could also just scramble a few eggs or grab a slice of bacon to eat with it!

This smoothie has 4.5g of protein and 10 grams of fiber in each serving, so it’s almost a complete breakfast in a glass.

If you want even more fiber, then eat a slice of healthy strawberry oatmeal bars on the side. All the sweet flavors from the strawberries and the cinnamon spice mix really well with the smoothie.

This raspberry chia smoothie is the perfect grab-and-go healthy breakfast. It has all the nutrients you need to start your day right.

Recipe Tips and Ideas

Follow these tips to make sure that this smoothie turns out sweet and smooth every single time!

  • Use frozen berries. Smoothies taste the best when they are partially frozen. If you use fresh fruit, you’ll need to add some ice cubes to get the desired consistency.
  • Blend individual sizes in a small blender. My recipe is for two servings. If you cut it in half, you can use a smaller blender.
  • Enjoy it fresh. Smoothies always taste the best right out of the blender. If they thaw too much, they taste more like juice than a smoothie.
  • Try it with different fruit. Swap in different berries like blueberries or strawberries. Try with peaches, pineapple, mango, or your favorite combination of fruit for something different.
  • Add veggies: This works great with spinach, kale, carrots, or frozen cauliflower florets. This adds nutrients and is a great way to sneak in some extra greens.
  • Add a protein punch: To make this more filling, consider adding some protein powder. 

Raspberry smoothie with banana, chia seeds, flax seeds, and almond butter in a glass jar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raspberry Chia Smoothies

Here are some questions I frequently get asked about by some readers…

What can I use instead of raspberries?

Use your favorite berries! This smoothie will taste delicious with blackberries, blueberries, or even strawberries. Of course, the nutrition facts will change when you use different types of fruit. But, it will still taste refreshing and sweet – and be really good for you too.

What is a good replacement for almond butter?

Any type of nut butter will taste good in this smoothie. Try it with cashew butter.

If you (or someone you know) are allergic to nuts, use sun butter. It is made from sunflower seeds!

No matter which type of nut or seed butter you use, make sure it is creamy so that you don’t have bits of nuts in your smoothie.

How many smoothies does this recipe make?

This recipe makes two smoothies that are 1.5 cups each.

Is this recipe keto-friendly?

No, this recipe is not keto-friendly. Each serving has about 14g net carbs in it. If that fits in your macros, then enjoy! If not, you can reduce the number of carbs by using a little less banana and berries and using more almond butter and almond milk and ice.

Is this recipe Whole30?

Yes, this recipe is Whole30 compliant. It is made with all-natural and whole ingredients and is dairy-free.

Chia and raspberry smoothie in two glass jars with raspberries  on the side.

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