Posted on: Nov 8, 2021

At Creative Nature, we’re so excited about this year’s Children In Need campaign! So much so that we’re going to be doing a MASSIVE giveaway over on our Instagram feed to help raise valuable funds to support children in the UK.

If you follow us there – just click here – you’ll see when the Children In Need giveaway goes live.

This year for Children in Need we are raising money by holding a giveaway on our Instagram page. We have collaborated with other brands to create as much awareness as possible. To enter this giveaway we have created a Just Giving page where each person donates £2 for one entry (you can enter as many times). The page is open to any donations whether that be through the giveaway or not, any donation is very appreciated and will go a long way.

As an ethical allergy free brand, we know how much serious allergies and anaphylaxis and conditions like being coeliac can affect children. We hear stories often from parents who manage this on a daily basis. Our CEO Julianne was one of those children. From a very young age, children with these conditions can feel ‘different’.

Therefore it’s very natural for the Creative Nature team to embrace the whole ethos of Children In Need and offer something to support other children who may be struggling and need a little hand up.

History of BBC Children in Need

  • The first Children in Need, as we know it today, was broadcast in 1980, however, before then, the first ever children’s BBC radio appeal was on Christmas Day 1927, which raised more than £1,300 (around £70,000 in today’s money) for four children’s charities.   The Christmas Day radio appeals continued until 1979.
  • The first Christmas televised appeal was in 1955 presented by Sooty and Harry Corbett.
  • In 1978 Sir Terry Wogan made his debut appearance, in a five-minute appeal, which he repeated in 1979.  2014 was his last appearance, two years before his death in 2016.
  • Pudsey Bear was introduced as the mascot, in 1985, created by BBC graphic designer, Joanna Lane.
  • In 2018 the amount raised by Children in Need over the years, reached £1 billion.
  • Children in Need is currently supporting over 3,000 local charities and projects in communities across the UK.

Last year’s event:

In 2020, the UK helped raise £57 million to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people throughout the UK.  During the actual ‘night’ the total raised was £37 m.

Because of the donations from the public, the BBC Children in Need has awarded 2,700 grants at a value of £74m to local charities and project across the UK.

Funding includes money to address the impact of sustained isolation on emotional wellbeing and mental health; support for those facing financial uncertainty; to help bereaved children and young people come to terms with loss; support for disabled children and young people, and funding to help keep children and young people safe from harm. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the charity has been giving funding to address digital exclusion, and supplying laptops or tablets to families who would not otherwise afford them or access these IT items.

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